A Yarn About Digital Publishing and the End of the World, a manifesto on community, digital publishing, and Arkana.

LIT Will Find a Way, a message about Arkana’s place in the literary landscape.

Arkana Rooted in Diversity, a brief essay on Arkana and the importance of diversity.

Everything is Now Political, the future of the literary journal in the age of Trump.

Art: There’s an App for That, musings on multimedia storytelling, art, and apps.

Print vs. Audio: A False Dichotomy?, on audio’s place in the world of literature.

Can We Make Money Like Web Comics?, a conversation paraphrased in comic form.

Arkana Represents, the impact of AWP, past and present.

Page or Pixel, an exploration of how, because of technology, times in the publishing industry are a-changing.

Keeping our heads above water: can the lit mag survive?, on the struggle for lit magazines to survive in the 21st century.

Diversity In Publishing: Will It Ever Be Rectified?, a personal discussion of the need for diversity in publishing.

For Better, For Worse, musings on the future of writing and publishing in the digital age.

Diversity in Publishing: Where do I fit in?, a call for the need of diverse voices in publishing.

Why do we value the literary journal?, thoughts on why a literary journal is a worthwhile venture.